Friday, March 4, 2016

Progress on lace

Hello, everyone.

There has been progress on stabilizing the lace dress yoke. There are now pinned-on pieces of lace motif that, one hopes, will stabilize edges and prevent shape changes.

An extra leaf here, and accept that the tip of it will overlap the underlying round leaf in the underarm area. (Won't show.)

An extra triangle-bit here, as the seam is a high stress area, and see comments about perles on the actual tulip nearby below maybe.
There are some other places where the loose-knitted net will just be stabilized with a stitch at every junction and some others in mid-thread where the jumps are long.

The real question is, should there be tiny beads added to the main design lines, or just sprinkled here-n-there? I'm thinking of size 15 or 11 clear, ivory, or white beads, no sequins, just to add some sparkle. But it may be gilding the lily to add them. Or for that matter lines of 3mm perles, of which I have some left over from DD1's wedding dress embroidery. That big tulip leading up to the shoulder might be a place to add lines of perles on the main re-embroidery lines of the lace. It would be almost like a corsage in its placement--but not so attention-grabbing and certainly not sticking out in a big lump that would catch when dancing.

Must consider.