Saturday, February 13, 2016

This past week was somewhat busy

Hello, everyone.

As part of our ongoing simplification of life (y'all might remember a desire for simplicity was a gift of our first Camino in 2014) we began clearing our major chunks of stuff.

It's difficult.

So as a consolation for missing posts, a few bits of pretty:

Found a couple of beets in the garden--these are enough for a meal for the two of us!

Mango flowers. Yum! But not counting chickens before hatching.

Newest orchid blossom on DH's hanging basket collection

First paper-white of the year! They smell so pretty.
I did look in at the Camino Forum and saw a weather warning for the Portugues--lots of flooded roads in Galicia right now. It's in the landing area for a big Atlantic storm system, I think.