Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So I found the "lost" pictures

Hello, everyone.

The "lost pictures" I was fussing about have turned up: in a directory that is the entire month of February's imports. What's up with that? But it's good to be able to find them.

The Cutter ants are back at work again. They think it's springtime enough I guess.

Fat juicy ants carrying stuff from their tunnels to the edge of the mound

Another mound--this one has multiple nearby doors--hard at work.
 And we tried a new type of fish that we found at HEB grocery: Swai fillets with Cajun seasoning already added. (The first Swai package we tried was lemon-herb and it didn't go well as a baked fish item.) As the Swai apparently doesn't go for the baked fish treatment, I cut the fillets up into strips and breaded and fried them. A little salt sprinkle at the end, and some Ranch dressing for dipping sauce and they were great!
Fried Swai tenders!
Swai apparently is a kind of Far Eastern shark species. The flesh is very delicate, but it responds well to the fried-fish treatment.