Monday, February 29, 2016

Final push on the fancy dress project for R

Hello, everyone.

Y'all might remember that a very special dress project has been underway for a friend of DD2. It was set aside for a while, because when she came for a fitting before Christmas, there were new measurements and discoveries about the way the fabric was laying. I had to think it over quite a bit.

The solution to the wonky lace placement, I think, is to take out the organza that had been the underlining to the lace and replace it with a more stable substrate: Sewin' Sheer, from a piece that had been lying around forever. (Don't know what I'll do when it runs out, apparently it's not around any more.) So now there is a somewhat extensive hand-tacking project underway, as the motifs of the lace are sewn down to the new substrate. This should keep the looser parts of the lace from flapping and stretching all over the place!

Front of lace piece, showing pins holding motifs in place
The thread being used is Mettler polysheen, an embroidery thread for machine use. It blends in very well with the nylon lace.
One of the back pieces, waiting in line

Back of front piece. The lines of stitching are almost invisible.
The other thing that needs to be done is to conceal about a half-inch dart in the seam lines. But with two to work with in front, I expect that will go smoothly.