Saturday, February 20, 2016

A picture I hadn't really looked at until today

Hello, everyone.

There was going to be a post about making little fabric hens out of squares of fabric. (An Easter gift for GD1) Unfortunately, I still can't find most of the pictures that were imported to the computer after the upgrade to Windows 10. (Microsoft really had a bad day when they changed the way photo import works. It was fine before. Now I can't find anything.)

So, a little picture pair from Pilgrimage 2014:

Ceiling of a church. The coffering appears to be painted, not real. See below.

Detail of the above, showing the Eucharistic pelican. Here her babies are
not in the picture! And you can see that the coffering detail and the scroll
detail appear to be painted on. 
 I'd love to be able to tell you which church this was. Instead, I can say that it was between Logrono and Santo Domingo de Calzada. Estella?

Any reader who recognizes the ceiling and wants to chime in is welcome to do so in the comments.