Sunday, January 17, 2016

More on those lovely Michael Miller charm squares

Hello, everyone.

It's been a while since anything was said about the charm pack.  In fact, other than the pitcher mat, nothing has been done with them. Christmas, of course, takes over in its season.

The squares were not forgotten, of course, and they sat there in their color groupings until an opportune moment arrived. Now the blues have found a place to be, and a lot of new friends to be there with.

The squares ready to be sewn into half-square triangles.
(the gray and the bluebirds from stash, as also the white that is out of sight.)

Counting squares, playing with color. (Pink squares from stash)

Final layout, labelled
The layout gets its labels when the color choices are firm. The MM charms were fleshed out with the two grays and with the blue birdies and the blue with white stars, plus the pinks and whites. They all go together nicely and DH wandered through and expressed his opinion that a graphic design like this suits him. (This is a lap/baby sized project, but still, it's nice to know his tastes.)

When pressing the half square triangles with the little blue birdies, I discovered that the print is directional. The change in orientation at the bottom right keeps the birdies upright, which pleases me, even though it is a switch from the rest of the design. It might still change a bit...this orientation switch had escaped my attention earlier.