Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Little things

Hello, everyone.

After the holidays, we discovered some baby bibs belonging to GS1 had been left behind and I thought perhaps a few more would be useful for him. (He's a "drooly" baby.)

Bib being measured on cutting mat: first the neck
Checking the front width

 I needed to know the neck size and the approximate width of the whole project, so I took a couple measurements from one of the bibs left behind. The neck, closed, had a diameter a little over 4 inches and the front was around 8 inches across.

Stack of bibs-to-be after some cutting
 I cut up an old hand towel--with somewhat thin terrycloth--for the backs.

One of the terrycloth pieces
I sewed the terrycloth backs to suitably patterned quilting cotton. Then I added cotton bias binding to finish the edges all around.

The fasteners were a question: the purchased bib had used 1 metal snap. I was nervous that my snaps wouldn't go through the layers of fabric, so went with Velcro instead. (On the turtle bib, there is even an extra bit of the fuzzy side so the hook side can fold up against it in the wash. By the time I got to that point on the fish bib, I had decided that she can close the bibs in the wash, or put them into a mesh bag, and skipped the extra bit of fuzzy-side.) Velcro can be cut to size, pinned down or glued for the basting, and zigzagged over all 4 edges to make a secure attachment. The only tricky thing is getting the hook side placed so it won't irritate the baby's neck.

Bias binding pinned for the second seam.

Two of the bibs ready to roll.
Baby bibs are cute little things, they use up materials I have in the stash, and I may make more of them to give to the Pregnancy Testing Center in my town. (They like to give baby things to their clients.)