Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day is over, but the Christmas season continues for a little while

Hello, everyone.

I was right to think that life would get in the way of blogging for a few days.

We did get some little bits of Christmas decorating done before The Day, though:

The biggest Nativity ended up in our room.

Detail of the angel on top--it had been part of a string of angel lights but the clip broke off.

A nod to Pinterest: peanut M&M candies, candle cups with tea lites, and a condiment tray

DM gave me an ostrich egg a few years back to decorate. This year it is hanging from the chandelier in the dining room.

Two hen eggs--the front one has an angel hanging inside the opening. The one in back--it was just there when I took a photo--is painted gold with some texture. These are hanging in the kitchen eating area, from another chandelier type light. The bows were added to unify the various eggshells on the fixture.