Sunday, October 4, 2015

Returning to our travel narrative

Hello, everyone.

My last travel post got us to Agueda, where we slept on the far (outgoing) side of the town. The next day we studied the guide book and discovered that the towns were not placed correctly for a regular-length day. We had a short walking day instead, going to Albergaria a Velha (Old Albergaria, I think that means) so after finding an ATM we walked to the far side of this city, too.

Walking on a quiet road. The quiet ones aren't bad. It's the main highways that gave us gray hairs!

Art in the apse of a church. Christ Victorious

We were often crossing the ancient Roman highway that went roughly the same way we were going.
This sign was added to the back of the marker because the carved letters on the front were so worn down.

The No Tell Motel may have a local reputation for being a place couples go to "not sleep" but it had clean sheets and hot water in the shower. (I rigged up a paracord clothesline to dry our clothes after I washed them in the tiny sink. It went right over the pot, but it got the job done.) In our prior post, made with DH's Kindle Fire, the autocorrect got a-hold of the words. (Sorry about that.) The eggs were hard-boiled, not "hard core!" And in Sao Joao, the Residential Solar had a cast-iron beadstead, the framing at the head and foot of the bead, not a "cast iron beadspread."

The city itself (Albergaria a Velha) was pretty and we did pass an albergue in the middle of town. We elected to go on to the far edge and find this "other lodging" place because it would chop off about a mile or a mile and a half from the next day's long walk.

Next post: on to Sao Joao!