Thursday, October 8, 2015


Hello, everyone.

It was mentioned yesterday that the village of Grijo is close enough to the large city of Porto that people can live in Grijo and work in Porto. We met a lady who does exactly that. (She has to leave about 0500 to get in on time, but she gets to live in her longtime family home.)

We left bright and early, as usual, and headed down the road into Porto.

At the parish church in Grijo, a Pieta. The church is inside the old monastery grounds.

Creative parking!

Can't get lost here!

Easily the best Roman road surface we have ever walked on.

There was a path around the big rocks, but it was twisty. People walk their dogs on this path. The dog we saw had a cone on its head while walking on the leash with his boss.

Neat looking building, in the town across the river from Porto: Vila do Gaia, I think it's called.

View from a park just before the bridge. 

Stopping on the bridge into the city.
 A gear note: the long-sleeved Columbia fishing shirt was surprisingly cool in the heat. The hat was necessary--portable shade! The black tights were a flop: too tight around the knees. About a week later I tossed them. But they did prevent the difficulties caused by sweat-soaked crotch seams rubbing on tender skin. If only they had fit better at the bottom edges, they would have been perfect for walking.
View from the window of our apartment for the two nights in Porto. The building is the cathedral. There is a stone stairway, obscured by the window structure, that leads right to the porch and also to the tourist office.