Friday, October 9, 2015

Pinterest led me to something neat

Hello, everyone.

I opened Pinterest this morning, just for grins, and found a pin with "advice for seasoned quilters" which led to a blog by a lady who loves quilts but says she got discouraged trying to make one. (Well do I remember the one attempt at hand quilting! And one of these days I'll get it down and finish quilting that one by machine, so DH's Grandma's squares can come into their own.)

So I read her post, about a quilting book for beginners and busy people who want to make a quilt, and found a video with a really cute way to make four-patch squares quickly--and for a bonus when you do it you get two squares that coordinate in color. Which makes final layout so much easier! is the site where the video sits. It's a book review and the authors put videos together which are on the blog page.

I think I'll try this four-patch idea. It will make the part of the game that looks like this:

Layout planning for the Mathematical quilt.

This was an early stage of the Red Quilt.

This was a simpler follow-on from a Log Cabin heart quilt that I don't have any pictures of--a giant nested heart. It was a wedding gift.

go a lot easier, I think.

So I can get to this stage faster:

I nicknamed this pattern Ruby Tuesday, because it started out as the tile pattern on the restaurant floor. Which I was so thrilled with that I was sketching during the meal!