Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall updates

Hello, everyone.

My DH has been busy! As y'all know, we have pecan trees around the place. Pecan trees drop branches. He's been saving the branches to use in the grill (gives a lovely smoke flavor to meat) and now he has made a wood rack to put them in.

The new wood rack, placed on bricks so the bottom isn't on the ground. (Green turtle in back used to hold the wood.)
 And a progress report on the seeds recently planted:
Seedlings coming up in the garden. Crack in picture is because the soil is somewhat sandy and the recent rains have all soaked down below the surface.

The Fiddlewood shrubs bloomed a little while back and now they're making berries. These will be a pretty black when ripe.
 I saw this little guy wandering around on the ground, looking for bugs, and managed to get a picture of him:
The bird who lives in our night-blooming cereus shrub. Curve-billed thrasher?