Sunday, October 25, 2015

Downwind from the storm

Hello, everyone.

Yesterday we were in the large area that fell downwind from the famous hurricane Patricia.

The waterline in the rain gauge is around 3 inches. Well, that was where it was somewhat later when I tiptoed through the puddles to check it.

This morning we found that the lemon tree had bowed a limb onto the walkway and we had to walk around the whole line of citrus to get to the driveway. After church, DH got out the tree saw and cut it away.

In a little while I will post pictures of the fabric auditions for the Michael Miller Modern Basics charm squares. There are a few fabrics in the stash, besides solid black, that will go with them. Though the squares don't go well enough together to be in the same quilt I don't think--the very geometric color-plus-white means they need other friends alongside. Otherwise the design would get too busy.

Right now I have the primary colors plus Christmas Green in one pile and the other secondary colors in another pile. (Turquoise, violet, orange and a yellowish gold.) But that waits for me to do final choices on fabrics, and also to make decisions: mug rug sets? Baby quilt on spec? Table runner?  Leaning toward baby quilt on spec right now--it gets a lot more fabric out of the stash--but we'll see. Mug rug sets could be good, too--a four piece set in a colorway, say, with a spring theme if it can be carried off, would be good gifts.