Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bias can be my friend

Hello, everyone.

I was working on R's dress, as I have been for a while and not quite done yet, and got into a pickle. There is a lace yoke on the dress, and when I tried to hem it the lace refused to cooperate. It was a bumpy, hideous mess is what it was.

The neckline had stretched out badly when I tried to do a simple narrow hem. Note to File--don't do narrow hems in lace on bias edges!

The edge of the lace was not suitable at all for this purpose, too small of scallops and too steep of a curve in the swoops of little tiny scallops. So I went wandering about online and found a lady who showed the method of bias application she learned from a strict home ec teacher in school. Her method does not have any bias showing on the front! Win.

And then I got to cutting bias strips out of our poly organza for the dress.

A piece of scrap organza, ready to cut into bias strips. The strips were pieced to make a longer bias strip and then pressed.

These were pressed to create a crease, the way bias tape always is, and then pinned into place on the dress.

I am please to report that this is much better than the earlier edition. And I think it will also be much less scratchy to wear.

It's hard to tell here, but this one turned out better. Note that this time the start point is the armholes, not the neckline! The shine you see is the organza underlining behind the lace.