Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weather that makes life easier for me

Hello, everyone.

Yesterday we got over 2 inches (5 cm, for folks in the metric zone) rain. This happened about 3 days after we planted the first four rows of our fall garden.

First four rows to be planted. (It's too warm still for the Sugar Snaps to be planted.)
The first few arugula seeds are coming up already! And the rain means that I won't have to stand out there sprinkling the rows for a couple of days.

Separately, we have about 8 tiny pots of cauliflower seedling and maybe 6 of parsley. When they get large enough, they'll go in the ground too. Well, the parsley may stay in pots for easy cooking access. ;-)

The Ho Mi Z mustard is a fairly large red mustard, good for using in Brother Victor's radish-greens soup recipe and other mustard greens recipes. I planted a lot of mustard greens and arugula and the escarole (a kind of chicory, like horticultural dandelion) because I hope it will discourage nematodes from bothering next spring's tomato plants.

The Bull's Blood beets are red-leaved, so they will pretty up a salad bowl with their thinnings even before they can be dug for fresh beets.

The kale is a fairly standard blue-green curly-leafed kale, the kind you find on plates as a garnish. I would like to put in a row of either Tuscan kale or Portuguese kale, just because they go so well in the Suppa Toscana recipe. But we'll see how much room there is--DH wants to have at least 2 or 3 rows of green beans!