Friday, August 21, 2015

Returning to the Santiago route

Hello, everyone.

The day we rode the bus to Tomar was a feria day: a holiday. (I asked, it was something to do with celebrating communities. I guess.) Probably explains why the organizers had picked it for a big youth shindig in Fatima.

More relevant to us, however, was that the feria bus schedule to Tomar was only 2 departures. We left on the early one and got to Tomar around 9 in the morning. The sidewalks were still rolled up!

Morning in Tomar. Templar castle on hill behind the square.

In July, they have a bread festival. Young women walk around with these 15 Kg. headdresses!

Baldachin of the Templars' church (honorary structure over altar)

Ceiling frescoes in the aisle around the altar of the Templars' church

View of baldachin with surrounding frescoes

The arrow loops are crosses.

An angel. St. Michael? This predates the Reni painting that has become the standard for St. Michael Archangel statues.

View of one of the staircases in the castle courtyard. The stairs are a spiral.
A building in Tomar. Pretty tiles!

The day we spend in Tomar was hot, as they had been, but the weather broke that night. In the morning it was delightful and cool.