Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New projects on the burner

Hello, everyone.

Today I'll wander off the trail again and talk a little about craft projects that are in-hand.

The first is The Dress for DD2's best friend R. R had chosen to wear a long skirt to the church and then convert her dress to a more-flexible party-dress length for the reception. This will pose new challenges for me, both in her lace yoke and in the two skirts. It will be exciting.

The second, which was not even thought of before we got to Santiago this summer, is a cross stitch painting: Sunset View of the Catedral de Santiago, from a vantage point near the front door of the monasterio hostel on the north side of the Plaza de Obradoiro. (That's the only place the diamond shaped staircase can be offset from the Porto da Gloria by that much!) The entire front of the building is lit with the golden glow that comes just for a few minutes at sunset and the sky has that greenish-blue tone that can appear if the afternoon has had rain.

The summary printout that includes the whole picture in reduced form
As you can see, I am using the organization method recommended by Ms. Corbet for complicated thread color lists. In making the cards and labeling them, I concluded that the maker of the chart used up just about all of some goofy symbol font on her computer. Percent signs, little piggies, lips, circles, you name it--unique symbols for 30 different thread colors.

All the threads called for in the chart, plus a couple of extras to make the clouds look more like, you know, actual clouds.