Saturday, August 22, 2015

More about the cross stitch project

Hello, everyone.

I was talking to DM and she sounded interested in the tip I'd found for stitch placement on the cross stitch project. (This is the one that the thread collection was shown here a couple of posts back.)

I got this idea from Scarlet Quince. They have a cross stitch tips page for people working up their charts. It's really clear and I have definitely adopted their guideline tip.

Guide threads in the linen, every 10 threads of the cloth
Perhaps after I'm more skilled at this stuff, I won't need so many lines. (These are set at every 5 stitches.) For now, though, the series is going all the way across the cloth. The dark thread is a 50-thread line. The other threads are, in order, pink, green, yellow, and orange. (Great way to use up odd bits at the end of sewing spools!) The plan is to pull the guide thread out as I come to it, and to not get "off" in the stitching.

Oh, and the Scarlet Quince folks have put a lot of neat art into cross stitch chart form. Landscapes, animals, flowers, people, you name it.