Monday, August 10, 2015

Memorable meals

Hello, everyone.

Another topic-based post for today: food.

There were a few meals that we really remember from our pilgrimage this year. They were amazing at the time, and we look back at them with delight.

There was the cheese salad in Caldas de Reis, two days before Santiago, after we had entered Spain.

Greens, nuts, raisins, cheese, balsamic vinaigrette: to die for.
There was the melon soup in Porto.
It was about a hundred degrees, inside and out. This soup was cool, and very good.
There was the prato del dia in a cafe along the side of the road.
Chicken-fried pork cutlets, tomato with lemon-olive oil dressing, beans and rice with a wonderful hammy flavor. Perfect for hungry hikers on a hot day.
And among the odd and amazing foods that one encounters, the Francigena (sp?) sandwich of Barcelos and Braga in Portugal.
This proved to be a solid workman's lunch. Note that the sandwich is covered in gravy and garnished with an egg on top. And fries on the side.

I couldn't finish mine. It was a meat coma encased in some bread and a great-tasting gravy.
And now I can taste it all over again.