Sunday, August 9, 2015

Camino Portugues Gardens

Hello, everyone.

I thought I'd throw in another topic-based post here, this time about the flowers in the gardens of Portugal.

Possibly the explanation for their abundance is that, whenever the Portuguese sailors found a pretty plant growing someplace, they brought home a shipment of it to sell to the flower nuts of their home country. Certainly they garden without the temperature based restrictions of South Texas, and they have wonderful flowers to contemplate along the Way.

Blooming jacaranda tree in Lisbon, early June

Driveway on country place, dolled up with trees. There were HUGE tomato fields in this region.

Shrub bed at Fatima, near the piece of the Berlin wall.

Potted orchids on a balcony.

Entrance to Templar castle in Tomar
I saw roses, proteas, pines, grapes, figs, olives, eucalypts--many, many woodlots of eucalyptus and pine!--oaks: trees, vines and flowers all over the place.

One last photo of a garden, from Bom Jesus in Braga:

The grotto is full of delicate little ferns planted in niches on the walls--the spring tends to their needs quite handily.