Thursday, July 2, 2015

A cool morning out

Hello, everyone.

This morning it was 14 C in Santiago--about 57 F. A little brisk!

We found a church open this morning that we had never seen before: Igreja San Martino. It was the Benedictine church in Santiago, before the early 1800's when the orders were kicked out. On one of the altars inside there is a statue of St. Francis holding a basket. According to the interpretive sign, the Franciscans paid the Benedictines with a basket of fish to get land to build their own church in Santiago.

After we get home I will share pictures--we didn't have the kindle along on that stroll.

This afternoon we discovered the Convento de San Francisco church open. Is this the church connected to that basket of fish? At any rate we found a sculpture group with an unusual subject: the death of St. Joseph: