Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sao Joao

Hello, everyone.

We stayed in Albergeria a Velha last night, where we were unable to use the internet. (I think I mentioned already that internet in Portugal is like a new bride's cooking: sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn't.) To shorten the tale, we had a short walk yesterday. Since it was so short, we walked to the far side of the city before settling in for the night. The hotel mentioned in the guide book is the true No Tell Motel of the city. When we asked for help finding it, the third person we talked to said, "for sleeping?" (Heh.) But for all it was impossible to locate and had no reasonable access to a cafe, we had a nice bathroom and the sheets were clean and it was quiet. Even if we did picnic in the room on a princely feast of tuna on crackers, hard-core eggs, Pringles and peanuts.

Today we had a harder walk, about 18 miles, and now we're in the delightful Residential Solar on the very face of the downtown pedestrian plaza. Beautiful tiled bathroom, plenty of hot water, wood floors, ironwork night stands and vanity. Also wrought iron bedspread.

We had bifana (Portuguese meat sandwiches) for lunch. They're great.

Church of St. Michael in Oliveira del Azemeis