Friday, June 19, 2015

Porto 2nd post

Hello, everyone.

More about our first day in Porto...

We wandered the streets a little, found a bus stop and collected schedule information for our departure, and were fortunate enough to walk into the Carmelite church just as daily Mass was beginning. (We stayed for Mass, of course!) That was a pleasant surprise.

We've just about figured out the local meal schedule, finally, though they want to do breakfast about an hour too late for us! Lunch is a big meal in Portugal and they eat it around 2 pm. Dinner falls somewhere around 8:30 PM and lasts for a while. But the food is good. We ate with a family last night, the next door neighbor of the Albergue in Grijo, and the home made vegetable soup (squash and stuff pureed) and home made bread were great. Also the lady made fried fish and "Russian salad", a dish of cooked vegetables at room temperature with a bit of dressing.

Today we discovered a free music concert in the Porto square. DH got us near the front of the thousands attending, but since we'd been up since 5 am and it looked like the headline act wasn't going to get going until maybe 11pm, we worked our way out of the press of the crowd and headed back to our apartment.