Friday, June 5, 2015

museums and a fiesta

Hello, everyone.
As y'all know, we are in LIsbon for a jetlag recovery break before walking.
Today we went in search of museums and found a fiesta.
We left in search of the Museu del Azulejos (Tile Museum) this morning, and also train information. We rode the Lisbon Metro routes to Santa Appolonia which is the end of the line heading out toward Azambuja on our first day walking. (That day being tomorrow.) We discovered that the best way to the edge of town is not the train nor the metro. The BBC set way appears to be a city bus!
We also got direction s to the Tile Museum from the nice lady at the train information, who couldn't believe we intend ed to walk there. Then we got to talking and walked right past it. Eventually we go it. It was wonderful.
Tile mural of the Eucharist

Then, having discovered the city busses, which are included in our daily hop on hop off pass, we hopped the bus to the extreme other side of the city: Belen. This is a suburban city that is home to the Monasterio Jeronimo. We ate lunch (roasted Solha and roasted sardine, which we shared tastes of) and went to see the monastery it's church. It was beautiful. As had been the Tile Museum earlier.

Then we went in search of food__and found Castel Sao Jorge. We climbed over 140 steps, plus some slopes, and discovered the most interesting castle we've ever seen.
My sweetie in the top of one of the keep towers..
There is a lot of climbing in this castle. You want to have your walking shoes on.
Descending afterwards we found ourselves in the annual Fiesta del San Antonio, in an ancient neighborhood called the Alfambra. Talk about the happening place. We ate good food, drank , and watched the kids having a good time. Then we found our way back to the guest house for the night. Tomorrow we begin our trek.