Saturday, June 27, 2015

It all goes for 20 (miles, that is)

Hello, everyone.

We weren't trying to walk for 20 (30 km in euro-zone distances) but that's what we ended up with today.

We're in Redondela, which is near a ignoramus freshwater lake. It's also a town that has basically no hotels. Too bad, that. We had hoped to snag a pension room and soak our sore legs and feet, but it didn't happen. Instead we're in the Xunta (provincial) Albergue and it's not bad. In the reference frame bunk beds. There is a lovely big study downstairs, too.

River view from Fortaleza in Valenca yesterday.
Cathedral in Tui, Spain. There is a big sculpture the the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin hanging over the altar.