Saturday, June 20, 2015

Egg run in Porto

Hello, everyone.

This morning we followed an ancient family tradition: the "egg run." Back when dinosaurs walked, my late FIL was a plant floor manager. From time to time on as weekend he'd say that he was "going to get eggs," take one of his sons to help drive, and head out on country roads. He always managed to hit the bars that knowledgeable fellow employees went to and after having drink-and-talk in several he'd get to the egg farm, get some eggs, and head back toward home. It became a family legend.

Today we walked across the bridge to the other side of the river Douro and commenced to some serious wine tasting. (And when we get home and I can load the camera pictures into the computer, I'll share photos with y'all.) We learned that all Portuguese wine wants to be sweet. Thus the Portuguese ports are also sweet. And these are nothing at all like the/ "port wine" being made by various Texas wine makers.

"Melon gazpacho" at the famous, and excellent, Tapabente restaurant last night. It was stifling hot, especially in the restaurant, and since we hadn't known to call for reservations the only place they had left to seat us was at the bar. We got to watch the bar staff working. That was possibly the most precise and artistic drink making on earth. If it weren't even hotter today, I'd want to go back. But, lesson learned: if you want to eat at Tapabente, behind the train station at Sao Bente, you need to make reservations.