Sunday, June 14, 2015

Columbia, briefly (updated to COIMBRA. Sorry about that autocorrect!)

Hello, everyone.

We didn't have success signing in to WiFi in Coimbra, so there was no post. 

We walked another 30 km day yesterday, almost. We didn't get lost so that's something. 

This was the view from the overlook before crossing the bridge into the center of Coimbra. This is one of the great university cities of the world. We had a lovely dinner, sorry we didn't bring the kindle with us to post a picture en route. I had codfish balls, lovely crisp fried corvettes of Bavaria and potato and seasonings. DH had grilled pork. The restaurant served really superb French fries alongside, a good creamy vegetable soup (not tomato based), and dessert. 

Today we had a shorter 20 km walk to Mealhada. We left late because it was raining cats and dogs. The rain pretty much ended at 7:30 and we got rolling. First off, we got lost again! But we made it in about 3:30 PM and are now relaxing with other pilgrims.

A small programming note:
We expect to hit Porto in two or three days, depending on how we break the days up. WiFi is often promised but somewhat hit or miss so we may miss a day from time to time.