Monday, June 22, 2015


Hello, everyone.

This morning we rolled out at 0630, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to troop right down the gray-dots route to Sao Pedro de Rates and on to Barcelos. For about forty minutes. Then we conceded that we weren't up to walking an un-waymarked route and went back and found the yellow arrows that led to Arco. (This name still reminds me of trudging through a Hatfield last year, part of a long line of pilgrims, about a mile aside from a ridge of thunderstorm generating hills. Each pilgrim or pair about twenty feet behind the one in front, all of us collectively one of the tallest things out there, and the thunder sound only two seconds behind the lightning flash. Have I mentioned that lightning scares me?) But this Arco was devoid of storms. Between the floundering at the start and the scheduled walk for the day, we put in almost twenty miles. And our feet have a lot to say about long days now!

When we got to Barcelos, DH found a Mass to attend and we were blessed--the first Pilgrim Blessing we have received on the trip so far! I want to gratefully mention the Franciscan fathers at St. Anthony's church in Barcelos.

And here is a picture of the famous Barcelos miracle chicken. (I admit that I haven't read the story yet.)