Monday, May 11, 2015


Hello, everyone!

I am on the road just now, not even in my home state, but I wanted to post this small update.

There will be pictures in a few days, when I get home! (Or sooner if I can figure out how to upload on hotel computers.)

We were blessed to attend the graduation of DD1 and the baptism of GS1, both on the same weekend, in Miami.

And there are some pretty pictures of flowers, too.

Quick rundown: Beaumont, Texas, Miami, Ocala National Forest (where we got very up close and personal with WAY TOO MANY voracious ticks and chiggers!). The Floridians grow their creepy crawlies to be very aggressive. Don't stop to take a picture there. Or at least remember all that paranoid advice about drenching your socks and shoes in bug repellant.

(I'd put up a picture right now, but this is the best internet luck I've had in days and days and so I didn't even bring the camera chip and reader with me to put something up. Soon! I promise.)