Thursday, May 14, 2015

Now I have the pictures...

Hello, everyone.

I promised pictures from Beaumont, Texas a few days back, and I can put them up now. (The first attempt to post pictures disappeared into the void. Thanks, La Quinta computers!)

We got to Beaumont around 3 PM, after a smooth drive that even went through Houston without any real traffic trouble. Before we got together with friends, we drove around looking for a hike-able bit of the Big Thicket. That didn't work out. The parklike reservation is chopped up into a lot of different pieces and many of them are just the streambanks on the local rivers and creeks, with no real access. Guess I had to have had a boat.

We drove over to Tyrell Park and discovered the Botanical Garden instead. (Y'all may have noticed that I'm a bit of a flower nut.) This was peaceful and beautiful and very relaxing.

The sign at the entrance to the greenhouse part. Note the artichoke plants at the base of the tree!

Slipper type orchids in pots in the greenhouse.

Cattleya type orchids in a pot in the greenhouse

They had two ponds of koi in the greenhouse. These are the larger ones.

Outside, they had planted a wooden arbor with pretty, pink climbing roses.

Bromeliad in blossom, in one of the planting beds on the grounds.