Thursday, April 9, 2015

Training report

Hello, everyone.

Attentive readers will have noticed that we're training again. We did 5 or 6 miles on Monday. (Hike and Bike) Tuesday we walked the tram road at Santa Ana and climbed both of the bird observation towers for an attempt at hill practice. That was 7 miles, plus the two sets of stairs both ways.

It was hawk watch time at Santa Ana, and we saw birders. There were both the really determined variety and the recreational variety--the really determined birders have telescopes, the others wander the trails with binoculars. I think. (Feel free to set me straight!)

We thought this was a chachalaca, because it looked too big to be a dove. Even a fat dove!

The bachelors are carousing at the feeder: red winged blackbirds
 There is a feeder station by the visitors center, which often has chachalacas at it. This particular day there was a flock of male redwings.
This little fellow was very active at the sand verbena blossoms, but would only hold still on his green resting perch.
 The flowers were in bloom all over: sand verbena, the native hibiscus, vervains, even the buffalo grass.
They aren't birds, but they're cool. Some kind of twisty-horned antelopes.