Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Santa Ana After the Storm

Hello, everyone.

Last Friday our area had a fast-moving storm that had lots of lightning, rain, and wind. For some people, "wind" meant hurricane-force straight line winds that tore the roofs off of mobile homes. The worst of it hit in the area near Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.
We drove over there this morning to do a walk on their 7 mile long tram road. They told us that today was the first day they were open since the storm. There was a lot of wind damage, and they weren't using the tram yet, but it was open for walkers.

It's not usual to see a piece of cactus stuck in a tree.

One of the fallen limbs in the road--there were a lot

Walking around another fallen limb
Older mesquites had a lot of damage
The temperature was quite a bit cooler than yesterday, and the humidity was a lot lower. The wind was still very strong. Walking along the levee was in the full force of the wind, and my hat blew off. Descending into the wooded trail blocked it. Other than dodging the fallen trees, we had a pleasant walk. We even took the detour to see the river.
This tree was just encrusted with tiny snails.

There was downed wood at the river bank, too, but nothing else really. The water looked high--
that green blob appears to be a bush that is surrounded by water. (Yes, this is looking across the border.)