Thursday, April 2, 2015

New food trick

Hello, everyone.

DH smoked a chicken a few days ago, and it was the Chicken From Hell. It just wouldn't get cooked for the longest time. Eventually he brought the bird inside and we ate a little, but it was late. We had a LOT of leftovers.

So I trolled the cookbook collection and looked at what one can do with previously cooked chicken. There was a pot pie recipe that I'd never noticed before, and it looked like it would be good.
One of my go-to cookbooks

The recipe as it appeared: Chicken Ham Pie

The recipe as rendered
The ham and chicken combination looked good. And I have some frozen pie dough disks on hand. Also a big chunk of ham in the freezer.

I took the last of the breast meat off the chicken (half a breast from a good sized bird) and cut it up into maybe 2 or 2 1/2 cups of meat bites. Cut up pretty close to the same amount of the ham (after it was thawed) and added both to a mixing bowl. Pulled a can of Cream of Poblano soup from the pantry to use for the gravy. And stared at the bowl full of meat. It just looked incomplete. Frozen veggies to the rescue! About a half cup of frozen green peas and a third of a cup of frozen corn, plus maybe a cup of chunked-up fresh tomato went into the bowl, and the can of soup. Stir, stir.

I put the whole pile of stuff into a deep-dish pie dish and rolled the (thawed) pie dough out and covered the food. Baked it at 425 for 25 minutes, then turned the oven off without opening the door and left it in for another 10. By now the dough was flaky and when I pulled the pie out I could hear the innards bubbling. We let it sit for a few minutes and ate. Then had seconds.

Chicken Ham Pie, as adjusted, is a winner.