Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More about Miami

Hello, everyone.

I was looking at pictures today and realized that there were some things more to be said about Miami.

The greenery is unbelievable. Most of these were taken in the Bayfront Park area.
The things you see on the outside of the tree grew down and enveloped whatever is under it. Is this the thing called "strangler fig"?

Ferns growing on a branch--these were a little burned by the chilly weather.

A bromeliad in its natural habitat: a tree branch

This astounding small tree was growing in a planted bed on Brickell Key. The leaflets grow in a spiral at the end of the branches. And check out the fruit shape!
I am told that a number of the cities in Florida have hike trails nearby, like the Hike N Bike in Mission, Texas. Perhaps if we make a family trip to the area we will pack our hiking shoes and check them out. I really, really miss the walking we did on the trail last summer. Even though a 3 mile walk isn't anything like being on the pilgrimage trail, I'm interested.

And we're still wanting to go back to Europe and walk again. Possibly the trail to Rome, or taking a different route to Santiago. There is the Via de la Plata, which goes through Salamanca and Zavala, and there is the Camino Portugues, which goes through all of Portugal. That latter one could also include Fatima, if one picked the right branch instead of the left branch on about the second or third day if I read the information correctly. I'd like to walk to Fatima.