Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mission San Luis Rey

Hello, everyone.

Today I thought I'd write about a lovely place in California, Mission San Luis Rey.

This is an old mission from the days when California was a Spanish colonial expansion. The cemetary is still in use, at least for interring ashes anyway. I have some relatives who are buried there. They have a sweet, little gift shop, the only place I have been that has medals of King St. Louis of France (patron of the mission) for sale.

Parking lot and cemetery entrance. (Old church building off to left, monastery grounds off to right)

An example of the niches in the cemetery. (These are from the older part. There are newer parts, too.)

Explanatory sign in historic garden area--this is behind the photographer in the top picture.

View of the historic gardens

One of the Stations of the Cross on the grounds
Another one of the Stations

Beautiful blooming tree on the grounds (in early September)--I think it's a eucalyptus.