Thursday, March 5, 2015

Miami, in part

Hello, everyone.

I saw a little bit of Miami while I was gone.

The apartment had a view of the Freedom Tower, where all the Cubans fleeing the Communist revolution went to get their papers. This building is lighted with red at night.

Miami's Freedom Tower, in the daylight
My hotel room had a view of a very old, very beautiful church, the Gesu.
Gesu is the rose colored plaster building caty-cornered from the parking lot.

Side altar: St. Joseph (see the flowering staff), with Eucharistic pelicans above in the blue bit

Main altar area. Note the beautifully carved picture under the Tabernacle.
As they had a Mass starting soon after the previous one, I couldn't go through the nave photographing every single thing.
There was a sculpture garden on the waterfront area. (This is the bay, not the open ocean.) I saw some amazing hanging plant arrangements on the porch of the art museum in the midst of the sculpture garden.
Some of the hanging plant sculptures

One of the tropical lizards that has expanded its range into Florida, hiding in the leaves. This was near Brickell Key.

The hospital that DGS was born in has two great big ponds in front. (Scenery? Runoff management?) There were a lot of water birds there: ducks, egrets, geese. I saw my first Ibis, hunting in the grass.
SIL captured this ibis for me with his phone
But the best photos of all look a lot like this one: