Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ha Ha Tonka

Hello, everyone.

I was trolling through pictures today, wondering what might be a topic for a post, and I encountered our pictures from Ha Ha Tonka State Park, in Missouri.

We stopped at Ha Ha Tonka when we were driving north after DD2's college drop-off a couple of years ago. It was just a sign on the highway, but it looked like something fun so we stopped.

Ruins at Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Closer look at the ruins
This is one of the minor state parks of Missouri. There is an old, broken-down house that was built by a wealthy family early in the last century, or late in the 1800's, and a really big spring, and a small walking trail. There is some post-Civil War historical connection--a counterfeiting setup was found there that had been used at one time to make fake money--and the remains of an old mill.

There are rickety stairs, too--not collapsing or anything, but wooden ones out in the weather. Elevation change is something like a couple of hundred feet, in 6 to 15 step increments.

This sinkhole is where the spring is. It has a really BIG streamflow of beautiful, crystalline water.
The stairs take a visitor down into the sinkhole for viewing the cave the water comes from and the fish swimming in the water.

This was a lovely break in a day of driving. If you are in the area, I recommend it. Bring a picnic lunch if you wish to eat as there is no concession that we could see.