Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The weather turns chill and we want to bake

Hello, everyone.

Yesterday it was in the 40's all day long. With clouds and later on with rain, too. In weather like this, my sweetie wants ice cream. (If we travel in December and he encounters a Braum's ice cream store, we stop for ice cream.) So he dug around in the cookbook pile and pulled out a recipe for gelato. It used 8 egg yolks. Plus milk and cream! He set aside the whites and asked me to do "those things I like."

So I got out one of the other cookbooks and turned to the page for Kisses:

I also got out a couple of cups of pecan halves (we froze halves like crazy this fall) and the last of the semi-sweet chocolate chips. And, of course, sugar and cream of tartar.

It takes quite a while to whip eight egg whites! Even with a Kitchenaid stand mixer, it takes quite a while. I never did get them all the way to "stiff but not dry." Eventually I decided it was time to fold in the additions anyway, put parchment paper on every cookie sheet in the house, and baked them in shifts.
They look so simple and innocent like this. Who would know that they're calorie bombs?

All the ones that would fit into a jar.
Today it's mid-afternoon and we're already in the low fifties. I call that better weather than yesterday.

On the Peanut Quilt, I've begun the last side of stitching the binding down on the back. If the cat stays out of my lap this evening it will be done.