Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stash busting, and beads

Hello, everyone.

We've had a few days of Chamber of Commerce weather around here. The orchids actually slept outside last night!

As part of the ongoing campaign to simplify, I've been using up craft supplies.
From the Christmas ornament supplies, 36 wooden cutouts
With sanding, priming, steel wool-ling, a coat of blue paint, and brush-writing:

Labels for bingo prizes!
There remain about 6 wooden cutouts from that will turn into something. Maybe even a Christmas ornament!

And a new beading project, with potential to use up a lot of #8 and #11 beads, if I can figure it out:
Future bangle bracelet?
I saw a picture of a bangle bracelet online, that the lady said was made from right angle weave. She used different sizes of beads in it. And it was not the cubic right angle weave that is all over Youtube.

I thought, maybe I can figure this out. So the #11 beads have been woven into a three inch long strip, and I've started weaving the #6 (paler pink) beads onto one side. I'm guessing that the size difference between the beads is what makes the shape of the whole affair. (And if this doesn't work, I can un-bead it all and just do something else with it!)