Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter: when it's not "Chamber of Commerce weather" in South Texas

Hello, everyone.

Today it's about 40F and not expected to improve much. Tomorrow is supposed to be even chillier! We wake up and wonder why we aren't rolling up our sleeping bags and hitting the trail before dawn.

A small progress note on the Peanut Quilt:
The stack of squares, with their coordinate labels, in correct order to be seamed one after the other.

I am not going to put up a lot of pictures showing the quilt top until it's with its baby--I think that Mama looks in here once in a while!--to preserve the surprise.

Dogs and cat, contemplating each other
And on the old homestead, the day before the current cold snap hit, the dogs treed another cat. (The neighborhood cats have taken to perching on the top of the green shadecloth of the chicken pen.) This time, the cat went up a tree. A few days earlier, an orange cat ran up the saguaro cactus--that's the fat pole-like things growing on top of the raised mound behind the tree--and perched on the very top! I wonder if what the cats are studying is the collection of small wild birds that keeps trying to sneak a few bits of my birdies' chow.