Monday, January 19, 2015

Walk report

Hello, everyone.

Today we got out of bed and said, it feels like walking weather. So we got into our shoes and windbreakers (and I wore my pink fleece) and headed over to the Hike and Bike.

There was a bike rider there when we arrived, just pumping up his tires. We saw him riding later.

It was about 8:10 a.m. and the sky was cloudy and there was a bit of light fog into the bargain. No wind.

There were more people there later, but when we started out we convinced ourselves that nobody was there. (Silly idea--we saw 4 - 6 bike riders and a few walkers.)

Wildlife seen: Roadrunner (possibly saw him twice), male cardinal, green jay, chachalaca on ground, several cottontail rabbits, possible coyote. Also the ducks that hang out in the irrigation canal, and a flock of tree ducks that flew overhead.

About the first bend in the trail. (This is before the stretch where we once saw a herd of javelinas running.)

The irrigation canal. There was a duck, in the distance, but it doesn't show in this picture.

When we got home, I found this little red guy watching me from the faucet!
It was a great walk! After the first mile, we got our circulation working and were sorry to stop. (Temps low 50sF, got warmer as we walked, probably at 55F when we got back to the car about 9:10 a.m.)