Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dreams of spring to come

Hello, everyone.

A while back I posted about bringing my sweetie's orchid plants inside the house, because it was supposed to go below 55 during the night. Well, we've had them inside again, for days now, and yesterday they got a short visit outside in the afternoon--it was about 60F. You're probably thinking to yourself, that's a lot of trouble for a few flowerpots!

It is. Of course, they aren't exactly flowerpots. The orchids are in hanging baskets with bark or fiber outsides, and most of the time they hang out (ahem) on the branches of the lemon tree by the back door. This is convenient for me to splash water on the centers of the plants and the water to drip down and be out of the way. It is also convenient for us to view the blossoms when they send out flower stalks. Speaking of which, we have a bumper crop trying to come out now:

Left hand pot perching on top of freezer, two or three stalks growing 

Right hand pot perching on top of freezer, another stalk growing

Third pot, perching on top of fridge, two stalks growing
 As you can see, not only are they long-lived plants that my sweetie likes a lot, they are also getting pretty busy!