Monday, January 12, 2015

"Chamber of commerce weather"

Hello, everyone.

Today is, indeed, a Chamber of Commerce bragging type of day. The sun is out, the temp is about 60F, there's little or no wind, and we were so invigorated that we walked down to the corner to get a lotto ticket. (It's a mile, round trip.) It felt great!

We have been reminded of the chilly days we encountered last May on the Camino a lot lately. We wake up thinking about it. We say "remember the time when" a lot. ("Remember the afternoon it was darned chilly, but there was this tiny patch of sun and we sat on the lawn of the albergue to let that sunshine work on my feet?")

I don't think I've posted these pictures before. They're all from Pamplona or just after that.
Elegant simplicity of an altar in Pamplona

Retablo at Zarequiegui

More on the rain at Alto del Perdon, after Zarequiegui. I was too intimidated to photograph the downhill path of this mountain, it was just a scary pile of bigger and smaller rocks.