Saturday, January 17, 2015

Brother Victor's Radish Greens Soup

Hello, everyone.

I finally got the pictures uploaded from when I made the radish greens soup a little ways back.
My favorite soup cookbook.

My go-to recipe for radish greens or mustard greens. Even arugula thinnings can go into it!

The oil is in the pan, and the onions, and now also the greens are beginning to stew down.

Since i'm watching my carbs, I only use one potato--then use a head of cauliflower for the rest.

Cooking with broth.
I got too busy cooking to make a picture of the soup in the blender, or at the very end, in a bowl with a dab of yogurt in the center.

Changes I make to this recipe: subbing a cauliflower for 3/4 of the potatoes. Using broth instead of plain water to cook it. Using heavy cream for part of the half-n-half. And the aforementioned yogurt garnish.

It's good, it's especially good when the weather outside is damp and cold and windy. (Brother Victor is apparently a fan of serving it ice-cold, but my family rebels at cold soups, so hot it is.)

And one more picture, just because: