Wednesday, December 31, 2014

'Tis a loovely day for a walk, they tell me

Hello, everyone.

I woke up this morning to weather that even the dogs and chickens don't want to go out in: 48F, north wind, and drizzle/rain from time to time.

In weather like this, the Irish ladies assured us that it's a "lovely day for a walk!"  

The poncho kept the pack, and contents, dry! And I needed it a lot that day. (Zubiri)
Quick comments on the rain poncho: this is the taffeta type with the extra long back that will cover the pack. It doesn't reach down to cover the lower legs, but if it did I'd probably trip over the hem. The snaps at the sides are easy to open, sometimes by accident, and if you don't use them, the whole poncho can turn around to where the long parts are down the sides instead of front and back. Especially in wind! It's also very noisy to wear--hey, it's taffeta!--and since it is water resistant and wind resistant, it will keep heat in.

I wore it over the green windbreaker because it was a day like today, and over my green sun hat, to keep the rain off of my glasses.

Note that the snaps came undone and the wind has worked its magic. (Alto del Perdon)