Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Remembering Mrs. Beckley

Hello, everyone.

When I was young, and my grandmother was still alive, she had a dear friend, Mrs. Beckley. I'm sure we all met her a couple of times at my grandparents' apartment. One year, when I was about nine years old, a package arrived in December. It was from Grandmother, and it contained gifts from Mrs. Beckley: three eggshells, each decorated differently, for the three grandchildren. I still have my egg from Mrs. Beckley.

Mrs. Beckley's art
You can't really see it from the front, but the egg has not one, not two, but three edge decorations around the opening in the front. There is the golden fringe, there is the strand of graduated pearly beads, and there is a rope of velvet cording. Which is accented by the bejeweled flower on top. There is another bejeweled flower on the back of the egg, too. As well as the glitter surface behind the angel. All in all, a beautifully decorated egg. (And you should have seen it when it was newer!)

Mrs. Beckley's art took root in me, and in later years I made my own scenic eggs.
A pearl in the midst of the sea?
This egg is simpler--there is only one edge decoration. It's a woven strand of pearl beads. I don't think I put any decoration onto the back of the egg, either. (It's been quite a while since it was made.)

This year, we have a pair of guineas. We have a collection of guinea eggs in the refrigerator, all of them in their hard little shells. Who knows? Maybe it's time to get out the Dremel and blow out eggs again. (Or cut a section off with baby nail scissors, to get the pretty oval hole on one side.)

It would use up some more bead stash. That's it! A reason to decorate eggs again.