Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter is coming--practically here, in fact

Hello, everyone.

Y'all may remember me commenting, way back in late May or early June, or when I did the recap with pictures on our return, that we arrived to begin walking the Camino and discovered that it was so cold that we thought it was winter.

Well, the kind of weather that deep south Texas calls "winter" has arrived. We got our first sharp cold front of the new winter and the high today was expected to be around 51 degrees F. (About 10.6 C for those of y'all in metric zones!) We didn't quite get out our winter coats, but I did put on a long sleeved tee to wear and when we did go out we wore our flannel quilted shirt-jackets. (We scored those babies many years ago, at K-Mart in Alton, Illinois.) The shock was less great for us now because we didn't go straight from 98 degrees to 50 degrees as we had done in May.

We also brought in my sweetie's orchid pots.
With overnight lows expected to be in the 40's, we took no chances! (Dog bed on left, converted from old pillowcase.)
Just to keep our perspective in order, though, we learned from our daughter that Lubbock was 17 degrees (F) when she headed out to class this morning. Truly Popsicle weather! I do hope she had her winter wear unpacked before this front arrived.