Friday, November 21, 2014

Thinking of O Cebreiro and weather

Hello, everyone.

I was thinking, this morning, about weather and the Camino. We were, after the 3rd day, often very fortunate in our weather. It rained, but it rained at night after those few days, almost exclusively. (Exception for the frightening thunderstorm en route to Los Arcos--nothing like being the tallest thing in the landscape and the lightning strikes less than 2 seconds before the thunder crashes.)  It was still rainy season in northern Spain, and the map tells me we were mostly parallelling the coast about 50 miles inland. We did have a couple rain periods during walking time, but the sun began to poke out more and more as we got closer to Logrono.

The sun still was afraid to show his face at noon. I don't know why, he would be out and pretty in the morning, but the day's high temperature for about a week was at 10:30 or so in the morning. By 11:30 the clouds had beaten him back. They grow strong clouds in Spain!

I was wondering today what the weather is like now at O Cebreiro, the restored Celtic village, church, and albergue at the second-highest part of the Camino Frances. And it was harder than I'd expected to find a webcam of it. This shows parts of O Cebreiro that I didn't see at all! (But there was a paved highway up to the top, and I did see a car or two that had driven up there, so it's not really a surprise.)

I have already posted what pictures we took there, during the trip recap post series in August and September.

O Cebreiro was where, having sunk to borrowing my sweetie's tee shirt for the day, I bought a new one at the little souvenir shop.
Almost the only tee in the shop that didn't declare itself to be a souvenir of the Camino--I just didn't feel right about wearing a Camino tee shirt while still on the trail!
Did I mention on the clothes post that I tossed out some of the entirely wrong things when packing to leave? (It was a panic thing, the pack was coming in over 20 pounds and I was tossing things right and left.) I should have kept the tee shirt! Then I found myself with only a couple of the lightweight woven fishing/camping type shirts, and the lightweight sweater that held no warmth at all--and wore out under the strain to top it all. (Tossed that, and the torn leggings from Day 1, before coming home!)

Ah, well, experience teaches as they say.

If I am able to go again, I will certainly take a long sleeved fleece top and a tee shirt. The fishing shirt (that orange-sherbet colored thing with long sleeves) did well, though, and the sleeves have tabs to hold them rolled up if you want to do that with them. Even if we should walk a different route the next time, I think this lesson of packing will hold up.