Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beads--some have found their proper place, and the ones that haven't

Hello, everyone.

Some little while back, I wrote about having completed the Cross of Santiago pendant in Delica cylinder beads. That worked out pretty well--a little large, but not so big that it can't be worn.

And I wrote about starting to make the Cross of Santiago design in Preciosa seed beads. Today, I mention that because, as it says in the title, these beads have not found their true and perfect place in a peyote stitch bead picture. They're just the wrong shape! Instead of having a reasonably level side wall, they have a round profile. It's as if I was trying to line up miniature bagels on their sides. They wobble, they turn to one side or the other, and they just won't stay steady in their place in the design. And on top of that, I can see too much of the Fireline thread between the beads, and too much of whatever the bead fabric is sitting on.
The top part of the cross design. I love the colors, but the beads are fighting the project.
The red and black work together as colors, and the blue and gold accents are pretty. But for some reason these particular beads just don't go together in this kind of project. Rather than pulling my hair out for days on end, weaving and "unweaving" the piece over and over, I'm going to call it a lesson learned and move on.

The next thing I plan to do is to complete some UFO's that have piled up. Especially, I want to quilt and bind the Red Quilt, and get it out of here. And then sew some clothes.

While I'm thinking of quilts, a picture of one I made a number of years ago, for a baby-en-route:

I like to add satin blanket binding to my quilts, if possible. Babies usually like satin.

Another one from that time--babies come in pairs sometimes.