Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beading developments

Hello, everyone.

We made it through the Thanksgiving crush! And we managed to keep our pie collection down to five this year. (I like putting pies together--some years we have a lot of pies. But we're trying to embrace more simplicity these days, so I really tried to keep the pie making down to a reasonable level.) My sweetie made Bourbon Pecan from the Encyclopedia of Cajun Cooking. I made Apple-Cranberry and Lemon Meringue. DS brought Mrs. Sheets's Buttermilk Pie and Pumpkin. Which was a pile of pies, and most folks tried a couple of kinds for dessert.

I did promise to catch up on the beading stuff. So, freshly uploaded from my phone, bead projects:
Three projects--one abandoned--of making the Cross of Santiago in beads.
The cross on the left is the newest: Miyuki seed beads, in a new, less embellished design. By less embellished, I mean that the basic floral stems and spike base of the cross remain, but there are no added-in color spots. It's the Cross of Santiago straight-up, you might say.

The cross on the right was the first attempt in the Miyuki seed beads. I was working off of the same plan as the Delica cross (That was the charcoal on ivory one with the pink and gold accents.) The beads are a little bit of a different shape than the Delicas, and I was having some trouble with the outside shaping. I really should have skipped the green blob in the middle of the cross, I think. It does nothing for it really.

The partial cross at the top right is the one I wrote off as a lesson learned: the Preciosa seed beads just aren't meant for this stitch. Maybe they're meant for right-angle weave instead? I'll have to try that out some time.

I'm still going to try the two-drop peyote with the cross, and I think I'll try that in 15 count rocailles. It might finish off about 3/4 inch across. That seems a good size for a necklace pendant, less, um, imposing (not to say flamboyant) than the Delica cross worked out to be.